Claiming Organizations


Why Deedmob?

  • Post your volunteer positions on our platform and get in touch with lots of active volunteers including professionals and students.
  • New and existing volunteers can easily be grouped and scheduled. Quickly replace cancellations and send last minute updates.
  • Turn volunteers into ambassadors by keeping them happy and engaged through after volunteering thank you messages and suggestions for future activities.

Read here why more than 1000+ organisations in the Netherlands are already using Deedmob.

Where did you get the information about my non-profit?

We have teams of students that help us with finding nonprofits online that volunteers and donors should know about. They use public information they find through Google, Facebook and your website to create an organisation profile with which you can get free volunteers, donations and awareness.

Why did you post my organisation online?

Instead of asking 30 minutes of your time to create yet another account on a volunteer website you never heard of, is a big step for many nonprofits, especially volunteer coordinators from an older generation seem to struggle. So why not first show how it could look and then approach organisations.

Don’t you need my consent this information online?

Just like Google Search, we made publicly available information easier to find for the right people. We assume that you want to get more awareness by being on Deedmob Search for free, forever. Forgive us, if your information is displayed incorrectly or you didn’t want this. Just give us a call and we can explain it all.

Can I remove my profile? More questions?

Yes, you can contact our charity coordinator Splinter! He can answer all your questions and remove the organisation for you.

Splinter Dreesmann - Charity coordinator at Deedmob
Phone: 06 16 06 66 89
Email: [email protected]