Getting Started


What is Deedmob?

Deedmob is a platform trying to make doing good easier and better. We are a startup based in Amsterdam working hard to make the world a better place. Join our Team!

Does Deedmob cost money?

Deedmob is free for charities and volunteers. We sustain the business and make money through organizing corporate volunteering.

Why are we called Deedmob?

Deedmob is a combination of two words, deed and mob. From the dictionary, a deed is "an action that is performed intentionally or consciously." Mob is short for "mobilizing", and refers to us mobilizing people.

What are deeds?

A deed is some way you can help a non-profit, government organization (such as a school) or social enterprise. This may be a volunteering position, a task they need doing, or resource they need.

How do I report an issue or feedback?

You can use the feedback button found in the bottom corner of the page to send us feedback. Alternatively, you could send us an email at, we would be happy to hear from you!

Becoming a Deedmob member

You can join today by signing up.

Becoming a Deedmob organiser

You can become an organizer by making a Deedmob account and then creating an organization. You can also be invited by an organization admin to become an admin or moderator of that organization.

My organization is being reviewed, what does that mean?

We review any organization looking to join the platform. We usually review your organization within 24 hours.